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Lead Free Soldering Station

, QUICK3103
This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.
Lead Free Soldering Station

1. High frequency current heating, sensor closer to the tip.
2. Rapid heating and thermal recovery.
3. New and reliable tip grounding system, tip to ground leakage potential and resistance can meet international standards after long-time usage.
4. Light soldering iron is comfortable for using. Insert-plug design of heating element and soldering tip results in easy replacement.

5. Large backlighting LCD screen can display two temperatures.
6. Digital temperature calibration, easy operation, password protection function.
7. Temperature limits can be set according to various requirements. The lead free soldering station will alarm automatically if temperature exceeds the limits.
8. Shut-off and sleeping time can be set.
9. Being suitable for lead-free soldering.


Power consumption 120W
Temperature range 50-500℃
Temperature stability ±2℃ (stationary air, no load)
Tip to ground resistance < 2Ω
Tip to ground potential < 2mV
Sleeping time range 0-99 min
Shutoff time range 0-99 min
Dimension 165(L)*130(W)*110(H) mm
Weight about 1.5kg

Replaceable Tips